Looking for a job in an norwegian hospital trust?

Living in Nord-Trøndelag

Do you wish to move to Nord-Trøndelag to work at one of our two hospitals? Surely, you must have a lot of questions.

We warmly welcome you! Here we have collected some information that should be relevant for jobseekers. 

The working language in Helse Nord-Trøndelag is Norwegian, and applicants must be able to document their mastery of written and spoken Norwegian (i.e. the "Bergenstesten") before they start working.

In order to practice a profession within the legally regulated health sector in Norway, an authorization and/or temporary license must be obtained prior to employment.

For more information, go to: Authorisation and license for health personel

By car:

Distance between the hospitals: 115 km (1 hour 45 min)

Sykehuset Namsos - Trondheim: 200 km (3 hours)
Sykehuset Levanger - Trondheim: 80 km (1 hour 15 min) 

Sykehuset Levanger - Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes 50 km  
Sykehuset Namsos -  Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes 160 km

Namsos Lufthavn 4 km south of Namsos

Train:  Levanger Railway Station (VY - Train and bus tickets. Journey planner.) 1 km from Sykehuset Levanger

The municipalities of Levanger and Namsos Levanger kommune

Namsos kommune

EURES is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU, 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

For more information, see European Job Mobility Portal.

Last updated 2/7/2024